Season MORE is all about EXPANSION!

Dr. Elisa LaShell Harney introduces...THE HIDEOUT 4: Season MORE. An exclusive virtual mentorship opportunity for women who need a safe place to share and a hidden place to heal and be heard. Enroll now. This monthly group mentorship program includes live segments, live discussions + Q&A and an exclusive private Facebook community! Mentorship. Relationship. Stewardship. Ownership. Fellowship. Leadership.

This is for you if you're searching for...


    You'll experience a one-of-a-kind method of internal inventory to help you discover and dismantle limiting thoughts and behaviors that affect your progression.


    Get the tools and resources needed to overcome fear, abandonment, rejection, and other dysfunctions that distort your discernment. 


    Cultivate a secure sisterhood of support, stability and safety with other like-minded women.


    Shift out of the climate of confusion into the atmosphere of accountability, the realm of responsibility and tap into the element of execution.

Special Offer

New members get access to Season 1 (Hideout Genesis), Season 2 (Hideout 2.0) and Season 3 (Hideout Trilogy). These past sessions and lessons are LIFE-ALTERING. Returning members get special access to an exclusive CONFIDENCE COURSE taught by Dr E.

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